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Could a Viral Video Lead to a Successful Political Campaign? | November 16, 2009

Is there a reason why someone wins and someone loses in a political campaign? YES. Is it the case that one is better than the other? NO. Viral videos have a large influence on the masses. If anyone looks at Youtube, they will find videos with over a million hits. Just think if a presidential candidate used a viral video to et their views across. Obama used this concept to get an edge over John McCain. Obama launched many viral videos on Youtube.

The Daily Beast published an article explaining why Republicans can get enough votes. In the article Why Republicans Don’t Get the Internet, Mehan McCain explains that the Republican party does not know how or want to use the internet because of their conservative views.

Techcrunch is a website that makes viral videos popular. In the article The Secret Behind Many Viral VIdeos, Dan Greenburg tells us about the stratigies his company uses to get a video hits. He uses 9 secrets: Not all viral videos are what they seem,content is not king, getting onto the ‘most viewed’ page, title optimization, thumbnail optimization, commenting, releasing all videos simultaneously, strategic tagging, and metrics/tracking. All of these steps are crucial to keeping hits on the video.

This is a viral video for Barack Obama on Youtube. The amount of hits on his video shows that viral videos do work to help a campaign. Obama has started to use a new playing field for elections. These could be crucial to a undoubtable victory or an utter lose.


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